Decorative Concrete – Artevia Polished


The cream polish look seen in many commercial stores.

(CPAA Class A finish)

Grand Haven

The classic salt and pepper finish associated with polished concrete since its beginning.

(CPAA Class B finish)


A medium aggregate exposure when salt and pepper is not quite right, but full aggregate exposure is too much.

(CPAA Class C finish)


A deep aggregate exposure where the aggregate used is to be the star of the show.

(CPAA Class D finish)

  • Artevia® Polish is the premier choice for the beautiful and durable polished concrete surfaces that are in demand. These finishes were created to complement the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) classifications for polished concrete.
  • Artevia® Polish can be combined with other Artevia looks to create the unique character your project demands.
  • Artevia® Polish is created by the professionals of Consumers Concrete for use by professional installers. Look for our Pro Artevia Network of contractors to install your project correctly.
  • Artevia® Polish is available in a wide range of colors.
  • Artevia® Polish has a finished look that will complement your specified decor