Agilia Vertical


Agilia® Vertical is a self consolidating concrete for use in all vertical applications, both new construction and renovation work. Agilia® Vertical can be used for walls, columns, precast, heavily reinforced or highly congested applications. Available for indoor and outdoor applications, Agilia® Vertical will save you energy, time and labor.


Agilia® Vertical is a highly fluid mix. Consumers Concrete’s Rheologik concrete technology used in Agilia® Vertical allows you to:

• Achieve a high quality fill

• Place the concrete faster

• Eliminate vibration

• Reduce labor cost

• Reduce or eliminate patching and rubbing

• Have a better quality of finish

Agilia® Vertical, an Innovative Product

Agilia® Vertical eliminates vibration, promotes labor savings, and saves time and money. Do you need to be more competitive, to cut your cost, to work with a challenging schedule, to meet higher expectations? Agilia® offers you an option.


Agilia® can be placed by pump, chute, tremie or bucket crane.



• Compressive strength: 4500 psi to 10000 psi

• Rheology: Spread flow 26 in. ± 2 in.

Agilia® has impressive slump retention with a loss of no more than 2 in. within 90 minutes. The flow achieved will have an impact on the quality of the surface finish.

• Unit weight: Similar to standard concrete
• Set time: The Time of Set (TOS) is similar to standard concrete.
• Durability: Meets ASTM specifications.

Form Pressure
A study compares the pressure applied on a 17 feet tall column with a 3” slump concrete, a 7” slump super plasticized concrete and a 27” flow Agilia®. When the column is full, the results show that the form pressure developed by the super plasticized concrete and Agilia® are similar. This can be explained by the thixot-ropy. Agilia® is slightly thixotropic which helps prevent segregation once poured and reduces the hydrostatic pressure on the high height formworks. However, the responsibility for the calculation of the formwork structure must be completed by the forming company, or the manufacturer of the forms. Without information obtained from in-situ pressure sensors, the pressure calculation should not be lower than the hydrostatic pressure of the Agilia® concrete up to 30’ in height.


A pre-job conference is always recommended at the jobsite. Those present shall include Consumers Concrete (Quality Control, Sales), the Contractor, the Engineer, the Architect, and the testing agency. Placement of Agilia® concrete should not be allowed prior to this meeting. In order to achieve the best quality finish it is recommended that Agilia® Vertical is

placed by pump.


• The volume of concrete in the hopper

should be sufficient to avoid the risk of

pumping air

• Concrete placing rate should allow full
control of the pump hose. For a terminal hose of 2” the rate should be ±25cy per hour

• The concrete should not free-fall


• During pumping the concrete hose should remain immersed in the placed concrete to a depth of approximately 2”. This allows maximum air escape and improves surface finish


• For plain surfaces, the acceptable length between the point of concrete placement and the extremity of the walls should not exceed 23 ft. This can vary with each project; please consult your Consumers Concrete representative for details.


Consumers Concrete has long supported green building initiatives, having supplied innovative concrete and architectural block products for many LEED® certified projects.