Agilia Overview

A complete range of

self-consolidating concretes

The technology used in Agilia® products allows for placing with much less difficulty, providing excellent quality concretes with superior surface finishes. Agilia® enables flexibility on work sites at all levels, for all types of applications (foundations, toppings, horizontal and vertical structures).


Agilia® mix design stems from tight control on two seemingly opposite physical properties: fluidity and stability.

Fluidity is necessary to provide easy concrete placement and a high-quality

finish with minimum effort. At the same time, it can increase segregation, which may lead to uneven hardened material, cracks and blemishes. On the other hand, stability is necessary to prevent segregation but can lead to high viscosity and poor placement. Reconciling these two opposite requirements is a further challenge since plastic concrete is subject to a wide variety of mechanical stresses from the batching plant to placement depending on the process, environment and application.

Agilia® offers a robust solution based on granular packing concepts and on the latest developments in organic chemistry, mineral chemistry and fluid mechanics applied to plastic concrete.

Strict control of mix design technology enables optimal use of cementitious properties and allows Agilia® to retain its slump for up to two hours. No water is to be added on site. Yet setting time is controlled and early strength is comparable to conventional concrete.

Consumers Concrete provides a complete range of Agilia® products suited to the needs of each work site application, with mechanical or aesthetic benefits, in horizontal and vertical applications.


Agilia® offers a full range of products that can be adapted to individual applications and that feature these key benefits.

No vibration

Agilia® eliminates the need for vibration, thereby improving safety and working conditions and reducing excess noise on work sites.

Easier to place

The flowing properties of Agilia® concretes ease placement significantly by reducing the number of pour points and operations on the work site. Structures with complex configurations can be poured, especially where heavy reinforcement or very long formwork is involved. The product’s impressive ease of leveling enables swift and easy coverage of large surfaces and flat toppings. Agilia® envelops reinforcing cages more effectively in deep foundation applications.

Work site flexibility

The characteristics and reliability of the Agilia® family of products offers better work site organization, with reduced pouring points and crane handling as well as more efficient labor utilization for concrete work. Depending on the application, superior surface quality can be attained with reduced finishing work.

Reduces labor time

Agilia® speeds up concrete placement due to fewer concrete delivery points, the possibility of placing up to 30 feet at a time, reduced placement labor required, no vibration needed and excellent smoothness that eliminates the need to float horizontal concrete surfaces.


Consumers Concrete has long supported green building initiatives, having supplied innovative concrete and architectural block products for many LEED® certified projects.