Agilia Horizontal

Agilia® Horizontal is a self consolidating concrete for use in all horizontal
applications, both new construction and renovation work. Agilia® Horizontal can be used for slab on grade, slab on steel deck or floor repairs. Available for indoor and outdoor applications, Agilia® Horizontal will save you energy, time and labor.

Agilia® Horizontal is a highly fluid mix. Consumers Concrete’s Rheologik concrete technology used in Agilia® Horizontal allows you to:

• Reduce effort on site
• Reduce labor cost
• Eliminate vibration
• Eliminate the standard step of finishing
• Place the concrete faster

Agilia® Horizontal, an Innovative Product
Agilia® Horizontal eliminates the conventional steps of finishing, promotes labor savings, and saves time and money. You no longer need to wait for concrete to set or finish it hours later. In one fast operation, you place, finish and cure the concrete. You “bar and go!”

• When the Agilia® Horizontal has been placed to the correct level, the surface is finished with an Agilia® finishing bar.
• The level of the concrete is verified by the same standard equipment and method as it would be for standard concrete.
• The finishing bar is moved across the surface of the Agilia® concrete, in a motion to generate gentle waves in both directions at 90 degrees from each other.
• The first pass should be deeper than the second pass to a maximum depth reaching 3/4 the depth of the finishing bar.
• The second pass should be a light motion over the surface.
• Apply the recommended curing compound on the fresh concrete, and go!

In the case where a conventional finish is desired or required, the conventional steps of finishing can be done after placing the concrete with the Agilia® bar. In such a case, it is important to protect freshly placed concrete from premature drying and excessive cold or hot temperatures. Lafarge recommends using the evaporation retarder Confilm by BASF or equivalent. The evaporation retarder should be used until the con-crete is ready to be finished. The Confilm should be applied every 90 minutes prior to finishing the concrete. A wind barrier is also recommended.

Agilia® can be placed by pump, chute, tremie or bucket crane.

• Compressive strength: 4500 psi to 10000 psi
• Rheology: Spread flow 26 in. ± 2 in.

Agilia® has impressive slump retention with a loss of no more than 2 in. within 90 minutes. The flow achieved will have an impact on the quality of the surface finish.

• Unit weight: Similar to standard concrete
• Set time: The Time of Set (TOS) is similar to standard concrete.
• Durability: Meets ASTM specifications.
• Saw cut: Standard spacing and timing should apply.

Surface preparation
For flatwork/slabs, Agilia® Horizontal can be poured directly on the existing surface if the surface is non- absorbent and is clean (ex: steel deck)

In the case the surface is absorbent
• Substrate types:

Any stable well compacted substrate free of debris
Laid unbonded
– Surface must be relatively flat with an unevenness level of less than ½ inch thick for a 6 foot cross section (rule)

• Preparation:

A polyethylene membrane with a minimum thickness of 5 mils must be laid down (suggested thickness)
The membrane should be secured and overlapped to prevent movement and concrete leaks.
– At the walls, the polyethylene membrane should extend above the level of the pour.

In all cases

• Perimeter isolation:

– Compressible strips should be fitted around the walls and vertical features such as columns, walls and duct pipes.
– Take particular care to isolate re-entrant corners at doorways, windows and corner walls, as these could become a source of radial cracking. Preparation should ensure no movement.
– Ethafoam or polystyrene can be used to seal any holes or leaks in the form.

• Thickness:
The minimum thickness recommended for any horizontal element should not be less than 2 ½ inches.

Concrete curing and protection

Agilia® Horizontal should be cured

immediately after the finishing step is

complete, regardless if it is the “bar and

go” finish or the conventional finish.

A pre-job conference is always

recommended at the jobsite. Those

present shall include Consumers

Concrete, the Contractor, the

Engineer, the Architect, and the testing

agency. Placement of Agilia® should not be

allowed prior to this meeting.

Radiant floors

Consumers Concrete supplies Agilia®

Horizontal mixes specially formulated for

radiant floors.

The mix design for this application

includes crack control technology.

Minimum thickness for this application

should not be less than 1 ½ inches.

Vibration is not required and is not



Consumers Concrete has long supported green building initiatives, having supplied innovative concrete and architectural block products for many LEED® certified projects.